Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lopez dissed by Bob Hope Classic

George Lopez could have made a bigger deal out of the ill treatment he got from the committee of the Bob Hope Classic, but unlike the committee, he had too much class.

For the past few years, Lopez worked tirelessly as the official host of the Tours’ only 90-hole celebrity-amateur tournament. He called in markers with his celebrity friends to have them come out and play in the event. He begged celebrities that didn’t owe him a favor. Once they got there he spoiled them rotten.

Lopez was also instrumental in improving the quality of the professional. On his own expense, he would go to tournaments to personally recruit players for the Hope. While patrolling the practice range, he’d usually put on impromptu walking stand up act. He loved the tournament and was totally dedicated to it.

Late last year, he received a two-minute phone call from a committee member informing him that his voluntary services were no longer needed. A quick thank you was added, followed by a good bye.

To be honest, replacing Lopez with Arnold Palmer makes the situation more palatable. It’s the 50th anniversary of the tournament and Arnold won the first event and won the last of his 62 Tour wins at the Hope as well as three in between. Palmer definitely has history on his side.

So, why couldn’t be the Bob Hope Classic hosted by Arnold Palmer with George Lopez. Lopez certainly would gladly take a back seat to Palmer. He gets it.

What no one gets is why the hasty replacement without the courtesy of an explanation. It only fuels speculation.

Palm Springs houses more Republicans than GOPers who attended the Republican National Convention. In case you haven’t noticed, this number doesn’t include many Mexican actor/stand up comics.

Speaking of his stand up act, it deals with the life of a Mexican getting along with the Anglo world. While not a blue act, it is at the least, colorful. Given the ultra conservative climate surrounding the Hope, there could have been an element that felt they didn’t want to associate with a guy like this. Sure, why would the BOB HOPE Classic want to be associated with a comedian?


The LPGA took a hit when Annika Sorenstam left the circuit to marry Mike McGee with plans to start a family. This left the crown to Lorena Ochoa. Now, it’s Ochoa’s turn to drop a bomb.

Recently, the charming and talented Mexican announced her engagement to Aero Mexican CEO Andres Conova. She also alluded to the fact that she plans to have a limited career so she could start a family.

This a hit the LPGA could hardly stand.

Bartender, how about a bottle of tequila for the table and Spanish Rosetta Stone for yours truly so even if I can’t join the conversation, I can understand what’s being said.

See you on the first tee,


Monday, January 12, 2009

Starting off the 2009 season...

I’m starting to like the off season as much as the season itself. As for action, with the money being offered, the Silly Season isn’t silly anymore. If you don’t believe it, ask the IRS. This is the real deal. With the race to Dubai, the European Tour has a 53-tournament schedule. Play close attention to how many of our guys fork over the $3,500 membership fee to the Euros. It will be interesting.

Always a favorite in this corner is John Daly. PC’d after being over served at a Hooters in North Carolina, he was vilified everywhere. Okay, he was drunk and belligerent, but he was never arrested. Most bartenders who I know (and I know a few…look at the name of this blog) would recognize the condition of the person on the outside of the bar. They’d stop serving him long before he was awarded the orange wardrobe the local constabulary gave him.

Now, PGA Tour commish Timmy Finchem has suspended JD for six months. Granted, the suspension is probably not solely for this event, but rather for the compilation of his misdeeds. In effect, this might be a good turn of events for Daly. He can play on the European Tour and if he’s serious about finding his enormous game again, will be able to do it under the radar. This has to be a good thing for the PGA Tour’s version of a rock star (Fred Couples aside).

There is a potential downside for Daly however. Previously saddled with three or four of the wackiest wives in the world (Like he’s been the sanest of husbands), the word is his latest girl friend has the potential to rock the world of wacky. Oy vay, JD when is your life going to stop being a soap opera?


Michelle Wie actually did something on her own. She qualified for the LPGA Tour. Now, we might be able to get a true sense of what her real talent is. Hopefully, her parents will stop insisting that she play against the boys on the PGA Tour. In fact, hopefully now that Michelle has turned 18, they will leave her alone altogether. Unfortunately, the Korean culture may keep her subservient to her parents forever.

I never thought I’d say this, but her talent might have been maximized had she had a father more in the mode of Earl Woods. Think of this, her talent level has waned since she almost made the cut as a 13-year-old at the Sony in her native state of Hawaii. The closest she has come to legitimate accomplishment since then was one miss-signed scorecard last year that could have secured her playing privileges for 2009. Now she’ll be on the LPGA Tour on her own merit with something she’s never had before—respect from the other card carrying members.

Hopefully for Michelle this current event will catapult her career to what had been predicted for her years ago. All she has to do is take control of her career and ignore the incessant caterwauling of her overbearing parents.

Bartender, please bring a case of Miller Delight for John Daly. I think he’s going to need it. Another night in jail might provide him some relief. Also a glass of red (make that Stanford Cardinal red) wine for Michelle. Yeah, like she’s never had a glass of wine before. Me? I’m just going to sit back and watch this car wreck.

See you on the first tee.